Sattva yoga

Not Just Another Type

of Yoga

Sattva means ‘whole’ in Sanskrit. Sattva Yoga is a deeply transformative and holistic practice with its roots in the profound Vedantic & Tantric tradition. The timeless teachings and practices will take you on a transformative journey, connecting you deeper with the truth of who you are and experiencing radical aliveness.


Sattva Yoga Anand Mehrotra
Sattva yoga

This Practice is Unique

Sattva Yoga is unique. It combines all the essential teachings and practices of yoga in a holistic level. Sattva Yoga addresses ALL levels of being: your physical body, the subtle energy flows within and without your physical body, your thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as your intellect and beliefs. It brings you into experiences of love, bliss and unity.


holistic practice

The Technologies

Sattva Journeys and other practices weave together several aspects of yoga, including Hatha and Vinyasa asana, pranayama (breathwork), Himalayan (Kundalini) kriya,  mantra, meditation, and free movement. Wisdom and music are the tread that connect the experience together.

Sattva Yoga practices are inclusive for all. From beginner to master, the practices and teachings empower all on their transformative path.


The Practice
evolutionary action

Himalayan Kriya

Kriya means ‘action that leads towards evolution, expansion and liberation’. Kriya is a specific tool, a specific technique that is used to create specific evolutionary response. 

Whereas karma – the ever-repeating cause and effect – creates bondage, kriya transcends this and creates liberation and expansion.

Each kriya is different in its intention, focus, response and  in its format. A kriya can have different aspects including (but not limited to) breath, movement, mantra and mudras.  

There are so many different kriyas, each with their unique intentions! To give you an understanding, some examples of intentions are:

Awakening Inner Fire. Cleansing and Balancing. Releasing Toxins. Decreasing Anxiety. Improving Gut Health. Developing Presence, Concentration and Focus. Conquering the Ego. Emotional Release. Improving Brain Health.  Releasing Stored Trauma. Invoking Joy. Transcending Cravings and Addictions. Finding your Voice. Increasing Energy. Experiencing Bliss. Transcending Body Image Issues. Building Commitment and Inner Power. Experiencing Stillness. Stilling Restless Mind. Transcending Insecurities. Fearlessness. 


the Sattva Experience

Private Yoga Journey

Private Journey


Private, personalized Sattva Yoga Journey for your unique desires.

We will discuss your desires and abilities, I will create a full Sattva Yoga Journey and teach you (either in person or online).  

20 min. intake | 90 min. Journey 




Personal Practice

Personal Practice


Feel to deepen your spiritual journey with a daily practice just for you?

 After discussing your intentions and desires, I will design and record a specific and unique Sadhana for you. The powerful techniques will support your evolution!

most recommended

20-30 min. intake | 1-on-1 walk-through ‘class’ | recording of the Sadhana


Drop-In Class

Single Class

at Body Base Studios

Each Yoga and Flow (Pilates Reformer) journey is unique and gives you a different experience within yourself.  From a dynamic, radical alive Warrior journey, to tenderness and connecting in yourself. and everything in between.

Click  here to book a class. 


My journey

“Words cannot express the impact on my life experience and growth.” 


The first Sattva Yoga journeys, I didn’t understand what was happening. All these different emotions, feelings and experiences that I couldn’t put in words. It immediately got me. ‘What is this!? This is very, very profound.’ It moved me in so many ways. All this anger, sadness, joy, incredible power that was coming out and through me. I kept coming back and back to these Yoga Journeys. That Sattva was the school to do my Yoga Teacher Training was no doubt anymore. I couldn’t wait to start and dive deep into this practice and technology.


What started as a 200-hour Teacher Training Program, extended to a 500-hour Teacher Training and the Bhagavad Gita Course with living Master and World Renowned Teacher Anand Ji Mehrotra. And the journey is continuing still.

My experiences with these practices are so rich, diverse and beautiful – words cannot fully capture these multi-dimensional, multi-sensational experiences. All I can say: Profound. Very enlivening. Incredibly powerful. So empowering. So beautiful.  Life changing. 


what others say


The private Yoga Journeys are an incredible experience. It feels like coming home.. The ambience, the space, her soft and warm voice that leads you through and melts away all the tension within. You feel reborn after the journeys. She amazes you, lets you shine and you will leave with a smile.

I love the comfort of my own home during the Private Yoga Experience. I am very pleased with her knowing my intentions, desires and capabilities. Emma makes me feel welcome, she is unique in her choice of words which makes the practice extraordinary and it really touches me. Highly, highly recommend!!

– Trudy, Private Journeys

The Sadhana for my brain injury recovery that I have been given has become a tool and has been integrated in my life. It’s very applicable and it has been very helpful! Very much recommended!

– Sjimmie, Sacred Sadhana

“Emma is a thorough and passionate teacher and her dedication is contagious. We had private classes on mantra and breathwork and I found both very powerful. I loved the classes as well as Emma’s bubbly personality.”

– Klaudia, Sacred Sadhana and Private Yoga Journey

“Emma is an incredibly powerful and inspiring teacher. She motivates you to give it your all, break through barriers and level up. She has a strong warrior energy that encourages you to be the best version of yourself 🥰”.

– Mateo, Sattva Yoga Journeys

“Emma’s yoga classes always ground me and they feel like an entire little journey, instead of just doing some poses. The best is the combination of breath work, asana and other wisdom. It’s so much more than “just yoga”. I always feel strongly connected to my body, peaceful and detoxed after the yoga journeys. A seemingly small thing, but the music she picks really add to the experience. I love the songs she uses and they make it easier for me to stay in the moment too. Emma teaches her classes with a lot of love and a calming energy. At the same time, there’s a lot of power and focus integrated in the classes. I like that balance.”

– Josie, Private + Single Sattva Yoga Journeys

“I felt super POWERFUL after Emma’s Sattva yoga journey! It was my first Sattva yoga experience ever and I loved it. Emma created a lesson that involved kriya’s, breathwork, asanas and more. You can tell she is really experienced and even on Zoom I could feel her vibrant energy guiding me. Thank you so so much Emma and I’ll definitely be back!”

– Jessicia, Sattva Yoga Journeys