the science of light
About Emma Sophie Joy

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

– Socrates

Jyotish, often referred to as Vedic or Indian Astrology, is one of the supreme sciences coming from the Vedas – the great bodies of knowledge. As a sister science of Yoga and Ayurveda, Jyotish intend is to give a deeper understanding in the individualized self. Jyotish is seen as the eye of the Veda as it gives the capacity to see the unique soul and the soul’s journey. Once, we are able to see on a deeper level, opportunities for growth, transformation and alignment arise. 

blueprint of the soul

A Jyotishi – one who studies and practices Jyotish – will use the exact constellation of the planets and stars on the moment of birth to give readings. You can see this as a map, a celestial snapshot that gives a blueprint of the individual’s journey in this lifetime. 

We can use this profound science of light to illuminate the way, to understand the self and to give the opportunity to navigate life in the most elegant manner, and to align with the flow of time. 

A Jyotish reading is for you, if…

» you’re willing to understand yourself on a deeper level

» you wish to see things to be aware of

» you’re ready to look at your potential, your natural strengths and challenges

» you’d like to align with the flow of time and its invitations

Wherever there is light, there is shadow.

Within every individual, there is light and shadow. Sometimes, the challenge can become the gift once we are willing to understand ourselves on a deeper level. 

Flow of time

A farmer knows when it’s time to plant the mango seeds and when to plant the tomato seeds. He also knows that when it’s monsoon, it’s not time to plant anything at all. Working in alignment with the flow of time is intelligent. Even though life in this Universe might appear chaotic, everything in nature is cycling and flows in patterns. We can study and observe these patterns, and see the ‘season’ (the dasha) of the individual. Is it a time that asks for deep transformation and is more inward, or is it a time to go outwards, to start a new business or to focus on relationships? We all can see these different chapters in our life when things flow more effortless, versus times that were way more challenging. Jyotish provides insights in this flow of time, using the dashas and the transits. 

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Jyotish Reading Offerings

Full Reading €129

» 75-90 min. private reading & questions

» recording of the reading

» lifestyle recommendations based on chart

full + practices €164

» 75-90 min. private reading & questions

» recording of the reading

» lifestyle recommendations based on chart

» personal yoga Sadhana based on chart, initiated in seperate 45 min. session

Follow-up reading €88

» for those who have had an initial reading

» 60 min. revisit your chart & follow-up questions

» receive new Upayas (recommendations) and Sadhana (personal practice)