individual guidance

Are you ready to transform?

I believe you have all that you need to thrive in this life, you are beautiful in your own, unique expression of you.

Only.. along our journey, we have picked up and hold onto many emotions, limiting beliefs and experiences. Consciously or unconsciously, these imprints can stay with us and limit us from being the most unique and radiant expression of ourselves. It’s time to release what we no longer need and so, peeling off layers of fears and limitations.

I know you can feel radiant, confident and radically alive! I know this is possible and it’s possible to change, to transcend and rise higher and higher and realize your greatness even more.

Sometimes we only need to be guided how. I’ll meet you where you are at and we will move upward from there.

Would you love to..

.. be grounded and centered in yourself?

.. own your confidence and shine from the inside out? 

.. have your sensitivity as your superpower? 

.. master your thoughts and emotions? 

.. express your own authentic self and truth? 

.. feel more love, connection and radiance? 

.. become fearless and feel radically alive?

I’m ready!

1:1 Coaching Packages

You will feel seen, heard and understood in the safe and loving space. We will explore the roots of what’s bothering you, change the stories, habits and limitations with a wide range of tools and knowledge. I will guide you to create your desired sustainable transformative changes.

Throughout the Private Coaching, you will receive my full support through email and chat between sessions.




» 3 sessions of 60 min.
» a guided meditation




» 6 sessions of 60 min.
» a guided meditation
» 2 recorded Sattva Yoga practices*


Fly High


» 9 sessions of 60 min.
» a guided meditation
» 2 recorded Sattva Yoga Practices*
» a personal Sattva Practice recorded just for you (valued at €108)

*You can choose 2 practices from the options: Anti-Anxiety, Transcending Ego + Energizing, Detoxifying + Cleansing, Invoking Light + Joy, Awaken True Power and Building Radiance + Expressing your Voice. 

Payment plans available 

About Emma Sophie Joy
meet emma

“Unique for you”

I am passionate about growth, happiness, flow and creating the life you truly desire in a holistic and sustainable manner. You are unique, and together we will find what works for you. 

It’s my mission to empower you to rise up beyond what you could imagine. People love to work with me, because I fully see them and their potential, I am light, warm, and profound. 

what others say



“The coaching is fantastic: Emma asks the right questions, and in combination with her very strong empathy, it gets the best out of me. After sessions, I feel at ease, full of ideas and I have confidence in myself. Her guidance is very loving yet professional!”

– Jan, Mindset + Empowerment Coaching

“There was a certain time during 2020 where I felt the most chaos and overwhelm from my life. I was at a point at which I was questioning my life’s biggest decisions and the choices I have made. I was feeling trapped, stuck & directionless. Being a firm believer in serendipity and its effects on our lives, I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time where I was able to seek Emma’s guidance during a 1-hour walking coaching session. Emma took a step-by-step approach in de-filing my mental blocks, revealing to me their sources, their impact on the clarity of my own state of being, and the disarray they caused in my thought process. That session has definitely given me a new outlook where I am more aware of my mental states and more accepting of their nature. If ever I have a relapse of those past negative blocks, I make myself understand that this mental state is only temporary and that it does not define me, does not represent my true self. This is the power I gained from that session.”

– Shivam, Mindset + Empowerment Coaching

“The coaching sessions with Emma enabled me to think in possibilities instead of limitations. I was able to tune in again to what would make me feel happy and to dream my biggest dreams. It opened up the enthusiasm and drive in me; she didn’t tell me exactly what to do, but guided me in a way that I could discover my own dreams and visions. I felt more empowered and confident; really like anything is possible! Often, there’s nothing big needed in order to shift your thoughts or behavior. Emma is really good at tuning in to the small adjustments and actions that can have a huge impact. Emma is clever and has a strong intuition. This combination makes her a wonderful coach; she asks the right questions and has a lot of knowledge to work with. I love her holistic view on things. And most of all, she’s just a beam of light, she radiates such positive energy. I guarantee your energy will shift when you work with Emma!”

– Josefine, Mindset + Empowerment Coaching

“Emma is a really kind and strong power-woman, who asks the right questions, no one ever asked you before. That shifted my intention and my sight on problems, so I found new solutions and felt really uplifted. I feel like her advices are either based on her intuition, her experiences or what she has learned – sometimes they are easy to integrate into my life, sometimes they defenitely adress your inner self to change. I always feel warmly welcome and understood 🙏🏼 Thank you Emma.”

– Sasi, Mindset + Empowerment Coaching