How can I help? What can I give in this situation? 

It’s almost a superpower to meet life with this attitude. To think of what you can bring to the table, rather than to think ‘what can I get from this?’ 

People stuck in their ‘how can I gain from this’-mindset are in a state of lack, a state of discontent and un fulfillment. Always craving more, not having enough. As long as they don’t address their inner-state of lack, this will continue and continue. 

There’s great beauty in the opposite. In beings who are fulfilled with joy, wholeness and abundance themselves. It comes naturally to them to share what they have and can. And naturally, more of that will come. That’s the law of nature. Give and ‘thou’ shall receive. Not from this egoistic standpoint that you will earn karma points and you will be rewarded. No, giving from a place of abundance. Giving without keeping score. Giving without expectations. 

And how I do that? I nourish myself – all aspects of me (intellectual, mind, body, soul, joy). Meditation, kriya, breathwork, coaching sessions, journaling, dancing, nature, connecting with loved ones. It all uplifts and grounds me. And from that place of feeling nourished, I overflow and give. In so many ways. 

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t prefer people who are willing to share their time, attention, love, food, resources?